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tv   Headline News  RT  July 23, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the first bodies of those killed on malaysian airlines flight seventeen and returned here to the netherlands and a solemn ceremony. u.s. intelligence says there's no direct link between russia and the downing of the malaysia air flight claiming it was done by. but fails to provide any hard evidence . a british reporter working for us in eastern ukraine goes missing in donetsk it suggested he's been held captive by the ukrainian security service and another news. possibility that international humanitarian and humanitarian law has been violated un condemns the israeli offensive in gaza saying
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it could amount to war crimes as it emerges one palestinian child's been killed every hour during the two days of the ground operation so far. below in a very good evening schieffer just joined us money kevin i would be watching the international first the first bodies recovered from the crash site of flight m.h. seventeen arrived in the netherlands they were brought on to transport planes from the crane in city of how to call for scott spoke to. the scene of the tragedy but first heard from peter all over as the victims were brought to mind over. well two transport planes arrived here it eindhoven air force base one from the dutch air
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force one from the australian air force they're operating in unison and what they're calling a air bridge mission where they have to make sure that enough to put them into and investigators get into ukraine and to make sure that all of the bodies of those who died on malaysian airlines flight seventy four here to the netherlands where we did see though is just before the coffin started to be unloaded the bugler played the last post on the bugle followed by a minute's silence that as you would imagine was impeccably observateur now it's understood from talking to airport officials here that around one thousand relatives of those who died on board that flight are here in attendance also in attendance dignitaries from from the australian government the australian ambassador to the netherlands is here also king william alexander of the netherlands and queen and queen and also as well the dutch prime minister mark once the those bodies are unloaded they're going into funeral cars and being driven to
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a military base near to the city of. now that military base is the headquarters of the medical training for the army now that's of seventy they can handle such a large amount of bodies and can they can try and go about initiating the identification process we understand that will be a very long process it will be done with the help of the netherlands forensic institute the n f i one of the regarded as one of the finest forensic laboratory anywhere in the world they'll be helping with the id process which could take quite a long time but it's been a very solemn day here in the netherlands a day of national mourning flags across the country at half mast we did see every solemn service take place here from peter. in ukraine you're there romana still more than a hundred victims. in that site as well how is the investigation progressing. dr we are here at the crash site itself malaysian airlines flight seventy nine and
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according to the monitors from the ground station for security and cooperation in europe there are still body fragments scattered here and it's going to be a kilometer radius of the crash sites not all of them have been recovered the always see had been here on the ground starting from the second day after the crash and malaysian aviation experts have also arrived here five days after the crash and that's when the investigation commenced all the sides involved in this investigation including the monitors expressed satisfaction with the level of access that they got here with a level of security and makes. a gratitude in that regard as well meanwhile malaysian prime minister said he is not about to blame anybody for the crash of this malaysian airlines flight seventeen until concrete evidence is there so he's waiting for the investigation to commence investigation had started but it's
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a long way from finish and meanwhile the black boxes that were recovered from this area are now in possession of a u.k. authorities and perhaps they will be able to shed some light as to what happened to seventeen. and so grams as to what the flight m.h. seventy will be found in the in flight data recorders which is now being delivered to the u.k. for analysis and aviation security expert desmond ross told us what light they may shed on the cause of what went so terribly wrong. the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder are the two boxes were returning to the cockpit voice recorder is the name suggests will tell us what was said what noises were heard everything that occurred in the cockpit prior to the accident that can be very useful in those last moments of m h one seventy it could even record the sound of the explosion it will certainly record the sound of warning bells gongs
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and any comments made by the pilots the other one the flight data recorder specifically records the parameters of the aircraft its. characteristics at that time i would not expect it to be anything it unusual on that flight data recorder up until the moment of the explosion that information should all be stored on the recorders so long as there are no tampering and no one to koreans with and they should be completely able to give us that information so i don't think it will take terribly long the cockpit voice recorder will be quicker but the flight data recorder require specialized equipment which is why it's going to england actually there's only about half a dozen special lives of orators in the world where this can be done i'm sure it will have very painstaking examination to determine precisely what happened in the last moments seconds of m.h. one seventy five we could carry weeks the official investigation into the mh seventeen tragedies only in the initial phase now but some u.s.
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and european news outlets already clear that know what exactly happened using the internet some verified unproven theories which appeared online very soon after the crash they made moscow the culprit got it if you can reports. the media coverage in the west has been largely slanted against russia public opinion of course response to that kind of coverage of a sentiment is that russia is probably involved and if involved they're probably going to cover it up that's where the public sentiment is and in the c.n.n. poll the american people got it right in terms of who's to blame here folks fifty one percent said russia's and directly involved only the stakes are high whoever shoulders the blame for this atrocity is going to be the target of global anger and right now it looks like it's russia's fault because it's russia's fault. it's quite clearly the latest twist in this propaganda war the russians through their ambassador here in kuala lumpur presenting their version of events to the malaysian
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media there are also been attempts to discredit russian sources of information c.n.n. put out a breakdown of what it called russia's propaganda the first item on the list is this it says the russian take passengers were already dead when put aboard the m h seven team but when you follow the link on this page it has an article in russian which reviews all the apparently quote unquote fake fur and conspiracy theories that are out there that's what the article says specifically about the theory that the bodies were dead before the crash it says literally then there is information which is simply impossible to believe c n n presents it and calls it the russian take it is not the russian take in the same breakdown right after this dead bodies theory c.n.n. puts russian defense officials showing evidence that ukraine had the capability to shoot down the plane moscow is now saying ukraine did it showing evidence that it had the capability to do it contrary to what he has now say that claim is brushed
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off as propaganda information is now politically charged on all airwaves it seems many journalists have already handed down their verdict in washington i'm going to check on. same so accusations in the media against moscow over the downing of m. age seventeen a big amplified by world leaders american journalist robert perry says jumping to conclusions to score political goals though pays little respect for those killed my concern has been that there's been a rush to judgment. the way such terrible events should be treated if it's to have been a serious investigation and then reach conclusions and hold people accountable whatever it was but the first step should be to have a serious investigation which shows respect for those who were killed and what was the need to reach conclusions before the investigation was undertaken. it was really unseemly on the part of the much of the mainstream us press and frankly the
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obama administration secretary of state kerry was on the talk shows over the weekend essentially pointing the finger and saying he knows we know and making a case the case should come after the evidence is assembled and evaluated by professionals way serious people not not rushed out there as a way to make a point. u.s. intelligence says there is no direct link connecting russia to the malaysian plane crash in eastern ukraine washington does claim though that moscow created the conditions that led to the tragedy presenting their evidence and then tell briefing officials say anti government forces are the most likely responsible for downing that plane by mistake backing their proof of photos and videos posted on social networks that they can verify and a sissy a check and explains more on that side of the story. u.s. intelligence officials speaking on conditions of anonymity really under a thick veil of secrecy are coming out and saying that they have absolutely no
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evidence and no proof showing any kind of involvement on behalf of the russian government when it comes to this tragedy certainly this is something that's a very big development in this story because this does not really fit the narrative that the u.s. has been pushing in this whole ordeal as of course meanwhile certainly the investigation is really just beginning to take off importantly we've heard from one u.s. intelligence officials say we don't know a name we don't know a rank and we're not even one hundred percent sure of a nationality this keeping this in mind they are continuing to say that it's likely this was a mystique shoot down conducted by the anti key of fighters on the ground in eastern ukraine but it looks like because of so much secrecy and these reports really are you and interpret it differently certainly in the u.s. media we seeing journalists going so far as to say that they have don't even have
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any certainty at all in terms of this being specifically the anti kiya fighters we know that these u.s. intelligence officials are saying that they're basing these claims on social media and posts made by the ukrainian government and that's certainly not a first when it comes to the ukrainian crisis on monday russia's defense ministry has said also that they have proof that there was another clean in the air next to the malaysian airlines flight before it was shot down they believe this plane resembled a ukrainian military jets and they have been demanding comments or an explanation from kiev. of course thus far has denied this we also do know that russia's defense ministry has also said that they have images of ukrainian missile systems within the zone of the crash. a correspondent in new york so the u.s. maintains that russia is responsible for creating the conditions for the crash admitting though that that's partly based on social media posts where the hard
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evidence that says it's got it's kept concealed and the possible reasons for this come up in today's cross talk the americans have extraordinarily good signal intelligence they are spying on the entire world they know what you and i had for breakfast today it it defies belief to imagine that they didn't have spy satellites over the place with the events occurred now what they're saying that just scary seemed to be saying was a we have excellent evidence much better than the russians but he won't say what it is if they have this evidence and it was in their favor i would imagine it would be all over the pages of the new york post right now oddly it's just believe me we have a mountain of evidence well they had a mountain of evidence on the iraqi w m d two they'd made it up. and secure forces say the two fighter jets crane near the site of the mh seventeen
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disaster earlier a cease fire had been declared by the country's leader in the area spanning a forty kilometer radius around the crash site to try to ensure the safety of the crash investigators ukraine security service was quick to accuse russia or of foreign rockets from its territory. the time marty's lost contact with correspondent graham phillips who's apparently disappeared in east ukraine along with a journalist for the countries and news channel moscow's demanded that the journalist be released immediately let's try and get the latest on this really because across this story for us tonight i know what news is there a gram tonight the while there is no news about graham phillips whatsoever as of now but we spoke to fellow journalist from the alan news channel who strongly suspects that both his colleague and graham have been apprehended by ukraine's the security services. but.
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people including graham. we have information then being held captive by the ukrainian security service that's according to. denies detaining the journalists or that they ever did however in may graham was all detained by security services crane for a legit espionage link's he was questioned for about thirty six hours and released on tuesday evening he has informed r.t. that he was playing to go to the area of donetsk airport now we have warned him that it's extremely dangerous that was the scene of some of the most intense fighting over the past several days nevertheless graham said that he's going to go he sent a text message overnight saying that he has arrived there shortly and that was the last that anybody has ever heard from him at r.t. however we did speak to one person one journalist who has asked that he remains unnamed who was with graham when they were heading to the airport.
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we all went to the airport together some two hundred fifty meters away we turned back because we emerged from the trees into an area of open space. we felt we could be easy targets so we decided to go back to where we left our car it could be dangerous. the reporters still decided to proceed they crossed the people several times i think they could have been ambushed when we were back in our car. but another guy answered apparently it was that other reporter he talked very quietly we asked him where ground was he said he was surrounded by the craning army and they've got ground to get him out of there. now moscow has already demanded that journalists be released immediately a statement from russia's ministry of foreign affairs says that this is get another pointed provocation which exemplifies the relation of the ukrainian officials towards independent international journalists who are not sticking with the
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information that kiev officials are trying to feed to the rest of the world r.t. has also contacted the foreign office who said that they're keeping a close eye on the situation and are standing by ready to provide consular assistance when needed read the. story thank you very much. most easily this month that ukraine was labeled the world's most dangerous country for journalists to work in the international news safety institute report looked at conflict nations during the first six months of this year this is what they found was ukraine tops the list with seven international journalists killed during fighting in iraq is still so very much a danger zone six reporters killed since the start of this year five have died in syria two has been rocked of course by years of ongoing civil war pakistan five journalists have been victims of the unrest in the country and neighboring afghanistan has seen four media workers die since january.
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no seeking to extend its list of russians for sanctions on top of the economic restrictions to leave could be in place as early as thursday meantime the french foreign minister britain which is trying to undermine the mistral war should deal with russia because of the ukrainian crisis that the u.k. is itself still attracting russian money. why breaking up with moscow is so hard to do. so has been criticized for so far saying that it will all know its existing contracts to supply russia with two mistral helicopter carriers david cameron has criticised the move he has said that it would be on thinkable to honor such a contract if britain were in france's shoes and we've heard of an irritated response from across the channel the french foreign minister laurent fabius is
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reported to have said that britain needs to clean up its own backyard before it blasts fronts for continuing with the sale of those helicopter carriers now you get the sense that he's alluding to the numerous russian oligarchs that live in the u.k. russians that pay a lot of money to the u.k. tax man and just today a parliamentary inquiry revealed that britain itself has over two hundred export licenses for military equipment worth over one hundred and thirty two million pounds so you get the sense that paris could be feeling as though they've been picked on a little bit unfairly these helicopter carrier contracts are worth a lot of money for them they provide a lot of jobs for french people a financial crisis the business it isn't something that the french are prepared to part with too lightly especially if they don't feel like their european allies are
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sacrificing business interests themselves. i'm kevin i would place me without international we appreciate you company we know you've got a lot of choice now coming up after this break more world news including a damning report on children's rights in polish studs just ahead. i'm abbie martin the stories we cover here are not going on here in iraq other big story of the same time there's a reason they don't want to. point. out now let's break the set. this immediately though so we leave the people. of the same motion secure. place for the physical. issues that no one is asking with to get what you deserve answers from. politics.
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you know margaret mitchell author of gone with the wind was enough courage you can do without a reputation but in a highly emotional social media driven world the words extremely concerned sometimes hysterical residents of twitter and the like hash tag their outrage from thousands of miles away at the slightest deviance from what. which they all have tag agree is the only acceptable course well people are got a lot more courage. than a few minutes focusing on the middle east not the ongoing problems and the gist of the latest pictures from gaza where israel's been conducting an anti terrorist operation for over two weeks now. oh.
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my god get out of. the outer was that it was the what israel's offensive is being condemned by the un human rights chief who says war crimes may have been committed by staff are continuing to document several other cases in which family there's a difference is where destroyed with the reported loss of civilian life and in which glib women marry indications suggest not even a single member off an armed group was present these are just a few instances where this seems to be a strong possibility that international humanitarian humanitarian law has been violated in a manner that could amount to walk. at the same time navi pillay also condemned her mass for indiscriminately firing at israel meantime the un's just released
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a shocking report saying that over the past two days one palestinian child is being killed every single hour it's estimated about seventy five percent of all the deaths in gaza as civilian with the death toll now standing at more than six hundred forty and as harry fear reports next those trying to save lives in the war zone are exposed to the very same dangers as the locals to. with israel's navy to the west tanks and ground troops to the north east and south and it's modern air force all the while overhead there is no shortage of extreme risks for gaza's paramedics and not the first responders the palestinian red crescent ambulances haven't reached some affected areas leaving civilians distraught but entering such areas can be deadly for paramedics i'm feelin says have come under fire in this recent escalation one medic has already died and it's
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happened before a paramedic died in the two thousand and twelve war more than a dozen others died in the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine conflict while in the last five minutes of being here at the al aqsa hospital in middle middle we have seen three israeli on land aerial vehicles fly over and we've seen just as many dead bodies right here. in order to palestinian paramedics do their job israel coolly you natural cease fire in an area that seen heavy strikes schools of ambulances fire engines and diggers rushed in to help many injured and to recover bodies. of missiles struck the surgery department which is home to casualty and trauma patients causing many deaths and injuries. you know no first responders are internationally legally protected workers fearing that's not enough they've been joined by foreign activists volunteering as human shields but even with that protection foreign volunteers
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shielding in the civilian evacuation and in the death of one teenager apparently as a result of multiple i.d.f. gunshots exhausted and overwhelmed with people needing that attention as paramedics have a seemingly impossible job to do all the while trying to avoid being part of the body count themselves carry fear. israel says it's simply exercising its right to defend itself an assertion that gets wide support among the international community but when a british m.p. try to point out that the palestinians have got the same right just take a look at what happened in the reaction to that liberal democrat david ward tweet that if he lived in guards it probably fire rockets at israel too a party spokesman immediate responded to that saying ward's words were not representative of the liberal democrats and that the m.p. would face disciplinary action there was condemnation from other parties to the
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conservative party chairman said the tweet was an appalling incitement to violence while the labor party described the comment as vile and irresponsible ward previously found himself in hot water over his anti israel remarks once calling it a zionist state. and the war of words over the middle east conflict is just as heated offline as well in the latest in a series of antiwar protests supporters of palestine to voice their anger over the bloody events in geyser outside the israeli embassy in chicago that's what we're seeing there on the other side of the street a pro israeli rally took place at the same time a heavy police presence is sure both demonstrations went off peacefully though small groups from both camps did confront each other face on. world news to tell you about so sadly another plane tragedy has struck this time in taiwan today were a trans a zero passenger plane has crashed in the county of penn who is thought forty seven
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of the fifty eight people on board of being killed there were other reports suggest some may be trapped alive inside the wreckage according to reports the pilots were trying to carry out an emergency landing at the time in bad weather it was a twin prop plane caught fire on the runway and then hit several buildings. thanks for being with us all on news twenty four seven. after the break martin said looking at the foreign fighters making up the i.d.f. numbers in the communities battle to stop nestlé running and drawing so next program. just three years ago the european union was spending several hundred six billion if you're also in the public procurement and their estimation of that in each. deal twenty is sort of two sometimes fifty percent of the money spent on corruption.
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least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about seven c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying. to find out more visit or a big old dog called. i'm . going to break in the set i'm abby martin so israel's now two week long offensive called operation protective edge has reached a stunning level brutality shelling of hospitals mosques and love when entire neighborhoods according to the international middle east media center at least five
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hundred forty five palestinians have been killed at the time of this broadcast and three thousand three hundred more injured of the dead one hundred twenty nine are children and sixty nine women according to palestinian center for human rights some disturbing developments over the last twenty four hours include the surfacing of a video showing a civilian being killed by sniper fire. it was trying to search for survivors among the ruins and this morning al-jazeera reported that two persuasive and very deliberate shots were fired into their bureau which is located in a residential neighborhood in gaza the warning shots came less than twenty four hours after the israeli foreign minister declared he was working to close down al jazeera in israel but this isn't the first time israel has directly targeted journalists in fact in two thousand and twelve during operation pillar of defense the i.d.f. admitted to deliberately bombing the building housing numerous foreign news agencies including our team the top.